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Deciding to seek alternative health care and then finding the right practitioner is a daunting task when today’s doctors; family practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, podiatrists and chiropractors are all part of the same competitive ‘medical’ market place.  

Over the 18 years since its doors have opened to serve, AltCare has established its place and its role in local health care and earned the respect of medical specialists who have had experience with grateful patients who have benefited from treatment at AltCare.

We evaluate each client to discern whether a safe natural intervention for their condition is appropriate versus a chemical or perhaps invasive treatment which may be necessary when a debilitative or life threatening illness is discovered.  Therefore, diagnosis and referral are essential components of the initial evaluation.

AltCare is chiropractic physician owned and operated facility which employs only certified health care professionals and offers a variety of treatments. We understand that most people have four basic questions they want answered when they come for their first visit.  
What’s wrong?  Can it be remedied with chiropractic or another conservative approach?  How long will it take to get better?  How much will treatment cost?  

We do everything we can to answer these questions so that you can make an informed decision regarding the care you require.  We encourage questions at any time during the course of your treatment about what we do, how it works, and what you can expect.  Patients are our respected partners because:


AltCare Health Center serves the children and adults of the greater Chicago community through caring professions offering natural treatment choices that complement traditional medicine.


We prioritize treating each person with competence and dignity, striving to cultivate patient confidence in our knowledge, skills, and concern for your health.  Our aim is to establish a trusting relationship that facilitates honest communication and successful treatment.  The relationship we develop with you is as important to us as the treatment you receive.


Throughout different cultures, classical medicine has been based upon five basic principles. Although technology and specialization have masked these fundamentals, we at AltCare Health Center hold at the core of our client service these basic axioms:

1.  Primum non nocere; first, do no harm.
2.  Second, practice prevention. It is more practical to prevent than to treat.
3.  Third, remove the cause of illness. Do not treat just the symptoms.
4.  Fourth, recognize and honor the healing power of nature. There is a basic force that seeks to heal the organism.
5.  Finally, practice holism. Each person is a dynamic milieu of the physical, emotional and spiritual.