Educators Resource, Inc.

Research-based interventions and educational technology

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Educators Resource, Inc. provides assistance for school districts in the facilitation of research-based interventions and Educational Technology.

School Districts

*Evaluation of selected processes

*Conduct research for the school district to justify success of initiatives

*Behavior Management-Certified Trainer and Speaker

*Customezed Training for staff and teachers on integration of technology.  Training can be one-on-one and unique to the user

*Staff and teacher coach on technology integration and pedagogy

*Research hardware and software and its usability and alignment with educational standards

*Assist in the implementation of educational standards

Teaching Proficiency

*Langauage Arts

*Critical thinking strategies

*Reading Comprehension

*Study strategies


*Illinois K-12 Technology Specialist certification

*Master of Science in Instructional Technology

*Fifteen years as a K-12 and higher-education teacher/professor